The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has stressed that Iran's implementation of the landmark nuclear accord known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action is a key step towards regional security and stability.

Iran Press/ Europe: The German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has talked of the importance of preserving and salvaging the nuclear deal, and said its full implementation by Iran would be a key step for regional security and stability.

According to an Iran Press report, the German foreign ministry issued a statement just as Heiko Maas was about to embark on a trip to the Middlle East. Maas who is currently in Baghdad Iraq, is due to arrive in the Iranian capital Tehran soon.

The statement added: "Recent events has prompted us as European neighbours to work to reduce tensions and to compensate for some of the losses in relation to JCPOA."

The statement further added: "The fact that tensions are high because the future of JCPOA is in doubt is not a minor thing, but a major issue. We Europeans are doing everything we can to implement fully the multilateral nuclear accord (JCPOA)."  

"The full implementation of this accord is needed for security and stability in the Middle East. Four million refugees have returned to Iraq in recent years, and in order to progress, Iraq needs the cooperation of all its neighbours. It is important that Baghdad should adopt sensible and moderate policies," it noted.

The statement also emphasized: "We must not secretly support terrorism in Iraq because this creates problems both in the Middle East and Europe." 101/211

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