Moroccan King will not attend the Arab summit in Mecca

Moroccan King will not participate in the emergency Arab summit which will be held in Mecca on May 30.

Iran Press/ Africa: Moroccan King Mohammed VI will not participate in Arab summit to be held by Saudi monarch Salman bin Abdul Aziz on Thursday, the Moroccan non-governmental website, Hespress said in a report published on Tuesday citing private sources.

Prince Moulay Rachid, Mohammed Vi's brother, will represent him at the 31st Arab summit in Saudi Arabia.

Hespress did not explain why King Mohammed VI will be absent from the emergency Arab summit, but this incident coincides with the media reports of a "silent crisis" between Morocco and Saudi Arabia because of differences.

On May 18, the Saudi monarch called for two Persian Gulf and Arab summits in Mecca on the 30th of this month, a day before the Islamic Summit. 101/214/211