CONSTRUIR CINE (Labor film Festival)

The sixth Labor film festival finished in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Iranian artists succeeding in winning several awards.

Iran Press/America: Iran's embassy in Buenos Aires announced on Saturday that Iranian artists took part in the sixth Labor film festival, with no less than five Iranian films being screened at the festival.

'Tanaffos' (Breathing) directed by 'Farshid Ayyubi Nejad' and 'One step to going' by 'Rebwar Mohammadpour' were awarded honorary diplomas, Iran Press reported.

Also, the statue for the best film was given to 'Koly Mohtaram' (respectable gypsy) directed by 'Mehdi Ghafouri'.

The sixth Labor film festival was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 2 -15 May 2019.  101/211/207

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