Iran's Deputy Handicraft Minister has said Iran is the world's third largest producer of handicrafts, in terms of the sheer variety of handicrafts produced.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iran's Deputy Handicrafts Minister, Pouya Mahmoudian stressed on Sunday that with more than 295 varieties of active handicraft professions, Iran is considered the world's third largest handicraft producer in terms of the sheer variety of handmade items that are manufactured by highly skilled masters and professionals in this country.

Addressing the IRIB correspondent, Mahmoudian said the bewildering variety of beautiful handicrafts produced in this country includes all the different kinds of carpet weaving, hand-woven carpets, bivouac sheets, rugs and gabbeh (similar to a rug), wood carvings, woodwork, metalwork, marquetry, inlaid work, chiselling, copper work, traditional jewelries, traditional needle works, a huge variety of leather products as well as traditional costumes.

Iran's top handicraft official went on to describe handicrafts as Iran's cultural ambassador abroad and the true promoter of Iranian culture, art, and crafts in the world.

She concluded by saying that Iran stands as the world's first handicrafts and tourism country by registering 7 towns and cities on the world heritage list.



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