Iran's embassy in Kabul called Afghanistan's Loya Jirga peace summit as a symbol of peaceful nature of Afghan people.

Iran Press/Asia: Iran's embassy in Afghanistan wrote in its Twitter account: "Holding Loya Jirga consultative peace talks is a traditional symbol of Afghan people's participation in the country's decision making."

Earlier on Apr. 30, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, Seyed Abbas Mousavi welcomed the Afghan government's decision to hold national peace talks, Iran Press reported.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes and supports any process and talks which benefit sustainable peace, stability, and security in Afghanistan," Seyed Abbas Mousavi said.

One week long "Loya Jirga" gathered about 3,200 religious and tribal leaders, politicians and representatives under a tent to find common ground and discuss possible conditions for a peace deal with the Taliban.

The summit ended on Friday by issuing a statement, demanding an immediate and permanent ceasefire to help settle the nearly two-decade-long conflict in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said he was conditionally prepared to implement the call for ceasefire and peace with the Taliban.

"The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban should declare an immediate and permanent ceasefire, starting from the first month of Ramadan," delegates said in a closing statement at the end of the week-long conference.


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