Palestine (IP) - After the ceasefire expired in Gaza on Friday, the Israeli regime resumed its attacks on the strip which led to the martyrdom of 109 Gazans and the injury of hundreds of others.

Iran PressWest Asia:  With the end of the brokered ceasefire between the Israeli regime and Hamas on Friday, the regime resumed its comprehensive attacks on the people of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli fighters resumed raids on Gaza this morning; They attacked the UN refugee shelter school in Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip.

Gaza's Ministry of Health announced that following the resumption of the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since this morning, 109 people have been martyred and hundreds of others have been injured.

The main part of the martyred people and the wounded are women and children. 

With the mediation of Qatar, the Israeli regime and Hamas agreed to a 4-day ceasefire on November 24, last Friday, after about 50 days of war; The ceasefire sought to relieve the humanitarian situation in Gaza. 

The resumption of the Israeli attacks began minutes before the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken left the Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine.


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