Iran's Presidential Election;

Tehran (IP) - The candidate for the 14th Presidency term of the Islamic Republic of Iran said that a successful president is one who could put aside personal interests and bring utmost benefits to the country with the least costs.

Saeed Jalili said in a televised interview that the most important opportunity to progress is the capabilities of the Iranian nation that enjoys a young educated generation. 

Noting that "planning is not something written with a think tank", he said the one who is the president must be completely aware of the plans he will implement and it would need previous studies.

The administration should play a role at the national, regional, and international levels and be able to foster opportunities for each of its citizens to play the role, he stressed.

As with national security, Jalili considered security a goal that required a cross-sectional task, which would be realized thanks to empathy and the endeavor of such great figures as Martyr General Soleimani. 

He pointed to the negotiations with the West over the sanctions and the nuclear issue of Iran and pointed out: "if the president defends the nuclear rights, he must also defend the livelihood of the people too and insist on it."

The candidate for the Iranian 14th Presidency term put an emphasis on the supervisory role of the people on the president and administration and believed in the motto "each university a secondary administration." 

He highlighted meritocracy as a benchmark to employ individuals in the administration rejecting partisan biases.