Russia (IP) - The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy said Iran and BRICS seek multilateralism and justice in the world.

The meeting of BRICS member countries was held in Moscow with the presence of 9 representatives of the member states and with the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as the chairman of the meeting. Russia was assigned the chairmanship of the BRICS in 2024.  

On the sidelines of the meeting of BRICS' member states in Moscow, Mahdi Safari told Iran Press correspondent that BRICS must be the justice-seeking voice of the world's people. 

Safari expressed hope that the BRICS member states could build a fairer, more democratic, and multilateral world to lead to the prosperity of the group's countries and the rest of the world.

He said that the membership of Iran, Saudi Arabia, and UAE along with Russia, China, and Brazil would help the BRICS flourish. 

Chaired by South Africa in 2023, BRICS implemented about 200 planned events, the Iranian top diplomat explained and said that with the beginning of Russia's chairmanship in the current year, 235 events are planned to be implemented. 

BRICS has serious plans in various sectors including science, technology, medicine, industry, transit, tourism, banking, and finance, and the Islamic Republic of Iran must use the great capacity, he stressed. 204

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