IP- Scapegoats Iran for U.S. army's failure, President Joe Biden considers Iran responsible for attacking its forces in Jordan.

Iran PressAmerica: Iraqi resistance forces targeted the US military base in Jordan on Sunday, killing three US soldiers and injuring dozens of others.

Resistance forces in the region have warned the United States that until Israel stops killing Palestinians in Gaza, the United States will have to pay for its support of Tel Aviv.

Biden has said that he has decided on a response to the killing of three US military members in Jordan and that Iran bears responsibility for attacks by groups that they support.

“I do hold them [Iran] responsible, in the sense that they’re supplying the weapons to the people who did it,” Biden told reporters on Tuesday.

These statements are made while the spokesman of the Iranian Foreign Ministry and other officials of the Islamic Republic have repeatedly stated that the resistance forces do not receive orders from Iran for their operations in the region. 204

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