Persian Gulf National Day

Tehran (IP) - The tenth of Ordibehesht (April 30) in the Iranian calendar has been designated as the Persian Gulf National Day, which is on the anniversary of the expulsion of Portuguese colonialists from Iran's southern waters.

Iran PressIran news: The Persian Gulf is a waterway with an area of ​​more than 237,000 square kilometers located along the Sea of Oman, lies between the Arabian Peninsula and southwestern Iran.

The Persian Gulf is the warmest water area and the third largest bay globally, and due to the oil and gas resources, and geographical position, it is an important and strategic region for the world.

The Persian Gulf has had great political and commercial importance for centuries and is still recognized as the most important international waterway globally.

This region has been invaded many times by the dominating countries. Portugal, the Netherlands, Britain, France, and the United States were present in the region with hegemonic goals and competed to snatch its rich resources.

Despite all the historical documents and evidence, in recent decades, some Arab countries in the region have tried to erase the name of the Persian Gulf from the history of the region by distorting the identity and history of the region, but they will never succeed.

Historical documents show that the region's identity has been associated with the name of the Persian Gulf since ancient times.

The United Nations Secretariat has twice stated in separate statements that according to documents, atlases, and geographical maps, the region is called the Persian Gulf, and there are 11 credible documents at the United Nations that mention the name of the Persian Gulf, including a statement issued in August 1984.

British sailors and geographers living in the 16th and 17th centuries have also left many maps that confirm historical fact.

Persian Gulf National Day is a symbol of history, culture, and, at the same time, a reminder of the courage and resilience of the Iranian nation in historical struggles with aggressors and foreigners.

The Persian Gulf is as old as the history of Iran.


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