Palestine (IP) - The Israeli protesters blocked a highway in Tel Aviv to show their opposition to the policies of the Zionist regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iran Press/ West Asia: On Wednesday, some members of the so-called Hostages and Missing Families Forum staged protests on the Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv and blocked the northern part of the highway.

The protests against Netanyahu are taking place in Tel Aviv as an Israeli delegation is in Qatar for negotiations over the war the Israeli regime waged on Gaza, which was resisted by the Palestinian resistance forces since October 7. 

The Israeli protesters carried banners addressing Netanyahu: "It's up to you, don't return from Qatar without agreement." 

The spokesman of Qatar's Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday that it is too early to talk about progress in the ceasefire negotiations over the Israeli war on Gaza, saying "But we are optimistic about it".

The negotiations started three days ago in Doha, Qatar, and are going on. 

It was on October 7 that the Palestinian Resistance carried out Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on the Israeli regime's forces in response to the regime's daily crimes against the Palestinian people during 75 years of occupation of Palestine since 1948.

To compensate for the scandalous failure, the regime has blocked Gaza's border crosses and is bombing the strip, but up to now, it has achieved none of its announced goals, including the release of the Zionist captives.

So far, from the beginning of the all-out war against Gaza, more than 31,700 people have been martyred and over 73,000 others have been wounded.

People in Gaza are simultaneously coping with both the Israeli strikes and the famine emerging out of the regime's war on Gaza.