West Asia(IP): Mohammed Abdussalam announced that America and Britain committed stupidity by invading Yemen and if they think that they can dissuade Yemen from supporting Palestine and Gaza with this action, they are wrong.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  According to the Iran press news agency, quoted by al-Masirah, Mohammad Abd al-Salam, the spokesman of the Ansarullah movement, said that the goal of the blatant aggression of the United States and the United Kingdom on Yemen is to support Israel and to try to stop operations in Sana'a in support of the people of Gaza.

Abdus Salam further added: "US and Britain committed stupidity with this cowardly aggression, and if they think that they can stop Yemen from supporting Palestine and Gaza, they are very wrong."

He further stated: "Yemen will continue its religious and humanitarian position and will remain with Gaza with all its strength, and this aggression will have no result other than boosting Yemen's strength and authority.

The spokesman of the Ansarullah movement pointed out that there is no justification for the aggression against Yemen because there is no danger to international shipping in the Red and Arab seas, and only Israeli ships bound for occupied Palestine are targeted and will be captured.


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