Tehran(IP)- The spokesman of Iran's Judiciary said that the path toward the realization of justice in the Judiciary is being followed more smoothly than before.

Iran PressIran News:  A joint press conference between Masoud Satayshi, the spokesperson of the judiciary, and Khodaian, the head of the General Inspection Organization of the country,  is being held today, Tuesday (June 20, 2023), with the presence of Press.

During the event, while expressing condolences on the anniversary of the martyrdom of Dr. Beheshti and his revolutionary companions, and honoring the national occasion of Iran's Judiciary Week, the spokesman of the Judiciary, Masoud  Setayshi, said: "Today, in Iran's  Judiciary, the path towards the realization of justice is paved and being followed  more smoothly  than  ever before, thanks to  precise and scientific planning with an all-round rhythm in all parts of the judicial system."

He further emphasized:" Along with other important Upper hand documents, the judicial transformation and excellence document is a strategic and fully operational document based on maximizing the speed of exercising public justice for the people by using all the legal capacities outside and inside the judiciary, of which significant parts are executive. and other solutions are being implemented.

Setayeshi then said:" Although the comprehensive report on the implementation of the judicial transformation document will soon be brought to the attention of the noble people of Iran, the most important transformational approach of this document, which is being followed today in all parts of the judiciary, can be the transformation of the judiciary caught in the daily routine into a program-oriented judiciary and to introduce the horizon of justice with observable evaluation criteria.

Iran's Judiciary Spokesman said: "The path of transformation and excellence to achieve justice is a permanent path, and we believe that in the direction of popularizing and socializing the judicial system at that time, the transformation has been achieved by the members of the society towards the realization of justice, creating transformation and excellence in the methods of striving for justice. find that feeling of peace and relative trust.

He said: Today, the judiciary has considerable mobility throughout the country to pursue the lofty ideals of justice because it considers justice to be its only legal and shari'a rail.   Judiciary while being Present in all the scenes needed by the people is a dynamic and intelligent force that can make decisions in the moment and follow the demands of the people.

Setayeshi added: since last year, we have been trying the changes aimed at bringing the maximum benefit to the people's demands and the change in the methods, which have also achieved better results.

GIO Head: Strategic committee formed to implement judicial transformation document

The head of Iran's General Inspection Organization said that a strategic committee has been formed in Iran's General Inspection Organization to supervise the correct implementation of the regulations and law as well as monitor the way the issues are being carried out according to judicial transformation and excellence document.

 Speaking at the joint presser with The spokesman of Iran's Judiciary, Zabihollah Khodaian, the head of Iran's General Inspection Organization said that  Following the inspections last year, 600 criminal cases were filed in judicial authorities, and 1,140 people were summoned to court.

He further added: "We had about 2,750 cases in administrative and police authorities, of which 3,682 people were recognized as convicted. Out of the 2,000 issues investigated by my colleagues in the organization, we found about 210 corruption bottlenecks that provide the basis for corruption. These 210 bottlenecks should be blocked to dry up the root of corruption."

Khodaian also said that as Iran's Judiciary is obliged to move along the judicial transformation and excellence document a strategic committee has been formed in Iran's General Inspection Organization(GIO) pursuing two objectives: 1. Supervising the correct implementation of the regulations and law and 2. Supervising the way the issues are being carried out.


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