Tehran (IP) - The Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Army said that the arrogant powers of the world has so far done everything to stop the country's progress, but today the Iranian flag is hoisted thousands of kilometers away beyond its borders.

Iran PressIran News: On the occasion of Army Day in Iran, 200 drones were delivered in a ceremony to the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran on Apr.16, 2023.

During the ceremony, Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said as all available documents show, since the first day of the Islamic Revolution, every mission assigned to the Air Force has been executed in the best possible way.

"Once our youth were not allowed to touch a screw, but now we have reached the point we are building airplanes," General Mousavi recalled.

He stressed that army's achievement of the drones is the result of the measures and support of Leader of the Islamic Revolution, with the endeavor of all the armed forces ongoing to increase of the army's drone power in terms of number and quality.

He said today, Iran's Navy has reached such a level of capability that it has four fleets in four parts of the world at the same time.


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