IP- Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said in a speech in Sistan Baluchistan: "Today, we either have to be on the front of Islam or the front of infidels. There is no middle way.

Iran PressIran News: The Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps gave a speech to the people of Sistan and Baluchistan today on Basij Week.

 Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami said: When Takfiri terrorists attack the Islamic lands with the help of America, the Zionist regime, hypocritical Europe, and their allies, it is the Basijis who fight the terrorists to defend the honor of Muslims and prevent them from being displaced in European countries.

Salami said: The reason why the enemy is trying to confront the Basij is that the Basij today can fight the enemies like in the past, make them run away, bury their dreams, and take back the Islamic lands from them.

The IRGC commander added that Iran is facing a massive world war today. All the enemies worldwide have come to Iran's battle with their mercenaries living inside the country.

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He further noted: When we look at the horizons, we see America, Israel, England, Germany, France, and the House of Saud, trying to penetrate the hearts and minds of the Iranian youth.

"The enemies thought that the oilitical system in Iran would fall, but the false reports of the hostile media led the enemy to defeat. For sure, we will see the collapse of the Zionist regime, but we will not see serious damage to the Iranian revolution. The art of our people is defeating the great powers. "He accused the US, Britain, the Zionist regime, and Al Saud of interfering in Iran's internal affairs and said: We will turn this world war into a cemetery to bury the policies of America and its allies.

"O believers, do not take the Jews and Christians as allies, and whoever allies himself with them becomes one of them," the commander emphasized.


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