Tehran (IP) - The Swedish government's decision to illegally arrest and prosecute Hamid Nouri, an Iranian citizen, due to Sweden's close ties to anti-Iranian dissident and terrorist groups, is a clear reason for Sweden to become a safe haven for the terrorists.

Iran PressIran News: Hamid Nouri, an Iranian citizen, was arrested by Swedish security forces on November 9, 2019, upon his arrival in Sweden to settle his family disputes and has been in prison for nearly 30 months. He was a retired member of the Iranian judiciary. Hamid Nouri is accused, based on the false claims of some members of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), that Nouri was their prison guard at some point.

So far, about 90 court hearings have been held to hear Hamid Nouri's case, and finally last week, the Swedish prosecutor requested that Hamid Nouri be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Following his arrest, Nouri was not allowed to contact his family for four months, in violation of all international laws, and the Swedish judiciary also did not allow Nouri, who is being held in solitary confinement, to visit his family in person for two years. His family traveled to Sweden several times to visit him, but it was not possible to meet him.

The Sweden government, which like other Western states, claims to support human rights, violated Hamid Nouri's rights when he was beaten in time of detention by police while deprived of getting to know his indictment and being held in solitary confinement and was unable to communicate with his family and denied access to a doctor.

But in the meantime, the MKO terrorists, who are themselves at the forefront of crimes against the Iranian people and have killed more than 17,000 Iranians, have for years made Sweden one of their safe havens, in addition to roaming freely in the country, which claims is a supporter of human rights using the privileges of its government, and have spared no effort to strike at the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In order to make Hamid Nouri's show trial more appealing, the Swedish government moved the court to Albania, the headquarters of the MKO, for two weeks in order for more MKO members to testify against him.

However, although the judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran has made extensive efforts to realize the rights of Iranian citizens, the MKO-oriented Swedish judicial system has not allowed Iran to do so in Hamid Nouri's case, despite numerous interventions by MKO.

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In this regard, Kazem Gharibabadi, Secretary of the High Council of Human Rights of the Judiciary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in response to the arrest of the Iranian citizen, called the harsh treatment during his arrest and non-observance of human dignity a violation of the 1963 Vienna Convention.

Gharibabadi has said that the lack of a comprehensive and independent investigation by the Swedish prosecutor and the indictment based on the biased and baseless remarks of some members of the MKO terrorist group, lack of access to a lawyer and permission to defend him in court, is a clear proof of the show trial for Hamid Nouri.

Earlier, the Swedish ambassador to Tehran was summoned to the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran following the continued political detention of Hamid Nouri and was informed of the Islamic Republic of Iran's strong protest.

The Assistant Minister and Director-General of the Western Europe Desk of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran considered the trial and arrest of Hamid Nouri completely illegal and under the influence of false actions and instigations of the MKO terrorist group and strongly condemned the smear campaign against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

An overview of the conspiracy behind Hamid Nouri's trial reveals that the Swedish government with allocating tens of millions of euros, has left the judiciary in the hands of the MKO and insists on continuing the policy of Supporting terrorists and plans against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 BY: Sajjad Raufi


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