Ugandan insurgents, known as the United Democratic Forces (ADF), have killed at least 11 civilians in an attack on the Beni district in the northern Kivu province of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Iran Press/Africa: Ugandan insurgents have massacred 11 civilians in the past 48 hours, local sources in the Democratic Republic of Congo said Sunday.

According to local sources, the massacre took place as the Bani area has been under siege by army forces since last Sunday.

The United Democratic Forces was formed in the 1990s as an insurgent group in Uganda. The terrorist group is also active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The ISIS terrorist group has acknowledged the group as its branch in Central Africa.

The central, eastern and northeastern regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have been in turmoil for the past 20 years.

The inability of the Democratic Republic of Congo's army and UN blue helmets to eliminate militants has led to widespread insecurity and instability in the country. 219