Year 1400; beginning of Iran's economic prosperity: Pres. Rouhani

Tehran (IP): Iran's president noted that the Iranian New Year (starting from March 21, 2021) would be the beginning of the country's economic prosperity and the end of the nation's three-year resistance against the enemy's economic war.

Iran Press/Iran News: In the meeting of the Cabinet's Economic Coordination Board, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that just as the government defeated the enemy in the economic war with the people's resistance in the past year, it would also make the best of its ability to support the 'Surge in Production' and the development of the country in the current year.

In another part of his speech, President Rouhani noted: "The government has developed the country's economy and run the country in the most difficult conditions during three years of the unprecedented economic war and the US maximum pressure against the Iranian nation."


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