Health Spox: Over 1,285,000 COVID-19 patients recovered

Tehran (IP) - Spokeswoman for the Iranian Ministry of Health announced on Friday that the death toll from COVID-19 in Iran had reached 58,809, noting that the disease has taken the lives of 58 patients over the past 24 hours.

Iran Press/Iran News: Sima Sadat Lari stated that the number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 across the country has risen to 1,503,753 after detecting 7,298 new cases since yesterday.

"Of the new cases detected over the past 24 hours, 557 patients have been admitted to the hospital," she added.

"Among those undergoing treatment in medical centers, 3,729 coronavirus patients have critical health conditions," Lari pointed out, adding: "So far, 1,285,014 patients have recovered from the coronavirus infection or have been discharged from hospitals across Iran."

Lari also noted that more than 9,938,625 coronavirus diagnostic tests had been carried out in Iran so far.


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