Sarajevo (IP) - The Istočno Cultural Center in Sarajevo has become a vibrant hub of Iranian culture as the Islamic Republic of Iran's cultural days commenced on Wednesday.

Iran PressEurope: This week-long event, brought to life by Iran's cultural consultation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a celebration of Iranian art, film, and tradition.

Each day, 150 Bosnian children and teenagers gather to enjoy the finest animations of Iranian cinema, including "Dolphin Boy," "Lupto," and "Mubarak."

The cinema hall of the Istočno Cultural Center echoes with laughter and applause as it screens films like "Romanticism of Emad & Tooba," "Hanas," "Sara and Ayda," and the much-anticipated "Painting Pool."

Mohammad Hossein Ansari, Iran's cultural attache in Bosnia-Herzegovina, highlighted the unique qualities of Iranian cinema.

"The main characteristic of Iranian cinema is the non-use of the usual tools of world cinema, such as violence," Ansari explained. "In Iranian films, moral principles and respect for family and human values are emphasized."

In addition to the film screenings, a photo exhibition showcasing Iran's tourist and natural attractions has been set up, inviting visitors to explore the country's diverse beauty.

A handicraft exhibition, featuring traditional Iranian art forms, is another highlight of the cultural event days in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

This immersive experience, rich in art, film, and tradition, offers a unique glimpse into Iranian culture, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation between the two nations.