IP- The US Senate has passed a package of bills on military aid for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, according to a C-SPAN broadcast.

Iran Press/America: As many as 79 senators backed the initiative and 18 voted against it.

The US Congress House of Representatives passed the bills, which total some $95 bln, on April 20. The bills include about $61 bln to help Ukraine and $26 bln to support Israel, as well as funds to provide humanitarian assistance to civilians in conflict zones, particularly in the Gaza Strip. The documents also allow the US administration to confiscate frozen Russian assets, and introduce additional sanctions against China.

US President Joe Biden needs to sign the bills to come into force.

The package also imposes sanctions on Russian and Iranian officials and further restricts the export of US technologies used for the production of Iranian drones; in addition, the package includes a potential ban on TikTok in the US.

Reuters reported that Washington would send $1 bln worth of military aid to Kyiv once Biden signs the bills. 204

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