Hundreds of Israeli protesters gathered outside the Israeli defense ministry building in Tel Aviv, blocking off parts of Dizengoff Street as they demanded a deal to immediately free the captives held by Hamas in Gaza.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Hundreds of Israeli protesters in Tel Aviv are calling for the release of captives taken on October 7 and criticizing Netanyahu’s leadership.

They have gathered outside the Israeli defense ministry building, demanding a final exchange deal.

Demonstrators, some of whom are relatives of captives, chanted slogans demanding the Netanyahu government return captives held in Gaza immediately. Many held signs, while some wrote messages on the floor of the road facing the ministry with slogans including, “We have been abandoned.”

Relatives of captives and their supporters have been rallying for months, calling on Netanyahu to take action and bring their loved ones home. Demonstrators have resorted to blocking highways and burning barrels in a show of protest.