Pakistani MNA:

Islamabad (IP) - The young elected Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Gull Asghar Baghoor is hopeful that with the visit of the Iranian President, the issue of gas pipeline between Iran and Pakistan will be sorted out and Pakistan will overcome the energy crisis.

Iran PressAsia: Talking to Iran Press, Gul Asghar Baghoor said: "Our government is going to welcome the Iranian President, we are neighbors and without good relations with neighbors, no country can grow.

"Pakistan and Iran are the Muslim brothers, definitely we'll welcome them."

He added: "The gas pipeline, well Pakistan is in an energy crisis & Iran has rich resources of Gas, so definitely our government is going to sit to resolve these long-lasting issues, hopefully."

The visit of President Raisi to Pakistan is scheduled for April 22, as reported by Pakistani newspaper The News.


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