IP - The US and UK in a new round of airstrikes, bombarded the western province of Hodeidah on Saturday.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Yemeni Al-Masira TV reported on Saturday that the US and the UK forces bombed Ras Isa region in al-Hodeida in two raids.

The targeted area includes the Ras Issa seaport, one of the three in the strategic Hodeidah Governorate ports.

Meanwhile, US Central Command announced destroying an anti-ship missile belonging to Houthis, claiming that it was ready to be launched from Yemen towards the Red Sea.

The strikes on Ras Issa seaport came after the Yemeni forces targeted the British oil tanker MARLIN Luanda in the Aden Gulf. 

According to the Yemi army statement, the vessel was hit in response to the US and the UK strikes on Yemen and the support the British ship was providing for the Israeli regime in the war on Gaza. 

Since October 7, the Israeli regime has been pouring bombs on the Gaza Strip, killing more than 26,000, people in the Palestinian city.

At least 26,083 people have been killed and 64,487 wounded in Israeli attacks.

Yemen says as long as the Israeli genocide in Palestine continues, the operations against the Israeli-affiliated ships will continue.


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