US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he expected Saudi Arabia to be among seven to nine other Persian Gulf Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel following the deal by the UAE and Bahrain at a White House ceremony earlier.

Iran PressAmerica: Trump told reporters a third Arab state, Saudi Arabia, would strike an agreement with Israel "at the right time."

This is while the Saudi cabinet stressed in a statement the need for a "just and comprehensive solution" to the Palestinian issue.

The foreign ministers of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates and their Zionist counterpart signed the agreement in the White House, in the presence of US President Donald Trump, who is currently seeking an opportunity to take advantage of the election campaign.

In recent months, the process of normalizing relations between some Arab regimes in the region and Israel has intensified.

The compromise agreement between the UAE and then Bahrain with the Zionist Regime has led to a widespread negative reaction in the Islamic world.