Tehran-(IP): The Navy Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said that the sea is important and we should have a strategic view of the sea.

Iran PressIran news: Rear Admiral Ali Reza Tangsiri stated: "If we do not appreciate the importance of water, we will not sacrifice our lives for it,

Iranian commander added: "We must familiarize Iranian youth with the important role of the sea in political, economic and military fields. "

He pointed out that the Islamic Revolution's Leader has always emphasized that the Navy is a strategic force. The Navy is strategic in range, geography, and equipment. The navy can legally go near the water borders of other countries. The Navy uses all types of weapons, equipment, and cannons.

Iranian commander emphasized: "If we do not build a navy in peacetime, we cannot use this force in wartime."

He further added: "We need an elite and skilled force for naval operations." 219

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