Tehran(IP)- The ninth joint commission of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Qatar is being held in Tehran from December 9th to 11th.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Mojtaba Akbari, the Secretary of the Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Qatar, at the beginning of the meeting, said: The commission was held last year in Doha which had important approvals that we plan to review.

Akbari added: Neighbor diplomacy is one of the most important priorities of Iran's government because the cultural, political, and economic affinity of Iran and Qatar can eliminate many obstacles.

Referring to the important achievements of Iranian researchers, Akbari said: These people can share their achievements with the Qatari government.

He emphasized that exports to Qatar are worth 200 million dollars, but we plan to increase this figure to 1 billion dollars.

Saleh al-Mane, the general secretary of the Ministry of Industry of Qatar, also said: I hope we can advance the economic relations between the two countries.

Al-Mana added: The memorandum of understanding between Iran and Qatar will strengthen relations and joint investments.

Referring to the important results of the summits, he said: Qatar government seeks to improve business relations with its partners around the world, and in this process, we have invited the private sector for support.


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