Islamabad (IP) - A famous Islamic scholar and activist for Palestine, Maryum Nazir has appreciated Iran's leading role in motivating and inspiring the whole Islamic world to take serious initiatives to stop the Israeli regime from committing genocide of Palestinians.

Iran PressAsia: Expressing her views to Iran Press, Maryum Nazir said, "Iran's leading role in supporting Palestine is as we know publicly is that they have been from the very first day against this. They have inspired the Muslim world to take a look at this situation from a new perspective."

"Iran also inspired the people to consider their interests and focus on the real problem which is the genocide of Palestinians by the Israeli regime, this is the role that I see originated from the first day by the Late Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran by calling 'World Quds Day'," she said.

" World Al-Quds Day helps people to remember Palestine. Nations have a memory and this memory is cultivated by observing such a day, Maryum Nazir said.


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