New York (IP) - Iran's Permanent Representative to the UN says the current dire situation in Afghanistan is the result of the foreign forces' military interventions.

Iran PressAmerica: A resolution was submitted by Germany to the UN on the status quo of Afghanistan, which was adopted on Thursday with the votes of 116 member states including Iran. 

The resolution appreciated Iran for its 4-decade hosting of the Afghan refugees and elaborated on the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan, including political areas related to human rights, security, terrorism, narcotics, refugees, and socio-economic issues. 

Iran envoy to the UN Amir-Saeed Iravani referred to the resolution and pointed out that what was going on in Afghanistan originated from the foreign military interventions in the country. 

Iravani said that Iran insisted on the investigation of the war crimes committed by the occupying forces in the past, which was currently stopped due to the political pressure of some countries.

He reiterated the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran about Afghanistan in that the country must enjoy an inclusive government in which all Afghan tribes and political factions would participate' something that would be realized based on an Afghan constitution.

The Iranian envoy to the UN condemned the terrorist attacks on the Afghan educational and diplomatic entities and stressed that the world must be ensured that Afghanistan would not be a secure shelter for terrorist groups. 


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