The manager of Alborz Cultural Foundation announced that this foundation had been pioneer in science and technology for more than 60 years.

Iran PressIran news: Haider Arshadhi in the 62nd year of the Alborz Award for Elites (Iranian Nobel) added: "The procedure for selecting inventors used to be in the form of a list that we received from the National Elite Foundation."

The Managing Director of Alborz Cultural Foundation added: "This year, 200 projects were sent to the Alborz Award Secretariat, and we selected 30 final projects from this collection in the initial refinement, which are based on the priorities of the comprehensive scientific map of the country, the ability to create jobs, the amount Advances in technology."

Arshadhi said: "These top 30 companies can present their products, ideas, and services in the two-day exhibition organized by the Alborz Cultural Foundation."


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