Sistan and Baluchestan (IP) - The Deputy Commander of Iran's Army Logistics said that three stages of Zulfiqar-1400 joint drills as "Defense in the coast, Mid-way Ambush, and Coordinated Attack" were done with the Aerial, Aviation, and Artillery Logistic equipment of Iran Army.

Iran PressIran news: On the sidelines of the second day of the Zulfiqar-1400 joint drills on Monday, Brigadier General Hassan Alipour, in an interview with Iran Press, enumerated three stages of the drill as Defense in Coasts, Mid-way Ambush, and Coordinated attack.

The stages were done with the Aerial, Aviation, and Artillery Logistics equipment of the Iran Army, General Alipour said. 

Deputy Commander of Iran's Army Logistics said that Iran Army conducts every drill in the country by the state-of-art reconnaissance gained about the enemies' capabilities.

Also, the Commander of Iran Army Air Force, Brigadier General Sabahifard, said all the systems used in the exercise, whether reconnaissance, Radar systems, Electronic warfare, Conflict Systems, were homemade products based on the world's state-of-art technology.

The Iranian commander addressed the foreign forces loitering in the region and said: " It is our inalienable right to conduct our exercises in the Sea of Oman, the Persian Gulf and wherever we consider appropriate, and the alien forces had better to go and conduct an exercise in the Bay of Pigs, if they want to hold one."

The main stage of the Islamic Republic of Iran Army's joint military exercise in the Sea of Oman, Indian Ocean, and the Red Sea kicked off on Sunday, November 7, using the new Army's equipment and ammunition.


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