Aug 19, 2018 20:22 Asia/Tehran

The member of Iran's national security commission Mojtaba Zonnoor warned against formation Of Iran action group by US that Iran will have no fear of US threats.

Iran Press-The MP  in an exclusive interview with Iran press international news agency stressed  the  fact that Iran will never be intimidated by US threats. Referring  to the fact that the  Americans have always been after plots against Islamic Republic of Iran even in the early days of the Islamic revolution  Zonoor said that the recent US measure (creation of Iran Action group)is not a new  scenario for they have been changing their tactics through different periods of times.  He went on to describe  the  measure  as a  new US tactic.

Calling Trump as a pedlar ,he said that Donald Trump like  a pedlar has travelled to many countries to provoke them against Iran.  However;  he could not make it  for even the Europeans did not follow him over JCPOA  .

Describing  US efforts as last ditch measures which are proved to be fruitless ,the top parliamentarian said that  Iran  ignores   US threats :the  country where the politicians are prisoners  of their own anti Iran hallucinations and defeated policies.

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