West Asia (IP): For the first time after the war against the Gaza Strip, the Zionist regime targeted areas of "Baalbek" in eastern Lebanon with airstrikes.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to Iran Press News Agency, on Monday, Israeli warplanes targeted a food warehouse in the "Adous" plain in the "Budai" district, west of Baalbek.

According to this report, a house in the "Adous" plain was targeted by the second attack of the Zionist regime fighters, as a result of which several people were injured and taken to the hospital.

The fighters of the Zionist regime also bombarded the area of "Jebel Al-Rafi" in Baalbek, Lebanon.

"Al Jazeera" TV channel reported that it is the first time since the exchange of fire between Lebanon's Hezbollah and the Zionist regime that this regime targets areas of Lebanon.

Hours before the attack of the genocidal Israeli regime on Lebanon, the Islamic Resistance announced that the Hezbollah air defense unit shot down a Zionist drone of the Hermez 450 type in the Al-Tuffah region with a surface-to-air missile.

Yesterday, the Islamic resistance forces of Lebanon attacked 8 positions of the Israeli army near the southern borders of Lebanon, and today they attacked the "Al-Baghdadi" military base in the occupied territories.

With the start of the "Al-Aqsa storm" operation by the Palestinian resistance groups, Lebanon's Hezbollah, to entertain a large part of the Zionist military in the north of Palestine and reduce the pressure on the resistance in the Gaza strip, carried out daily and heavy operations against the goals of the Zionist regime inside the Palestinian territory.

Israeli media have admitted that Lebanon's Hezbollah still has the upper hand in the north of the occupied Palestinian territories and that the Israeli army is trapped in this area. 204