VP: Iran, stands tall as Asian biotechnological medications guru

Tehran(IP) - Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology, stating that in recent years there have been good supports for the growth of biotechnology companies.

Iran Press/Iran News: Sorena Sattari said on Saturday night in the program "Negah"(Insight) of Iran’s National TV channel1, referring to obtaining a license for human testing of the first corona vaccine in the country: "Soon, three other groups will receive a license for human testing of this vaccine."

Sattari added: "Currently, 24 biotechnology medications are produced in the country and we are one of the Asian powers in this field and we have something to say in the world."

He said: "In the field of human vaccine, for the first time, private companies produced cervical cancer vaccine, and soon the flu vaccine will be produced in the human field in the country, which eliminates the need for us to import this vaccine next year."

The Vice President for Science and Technology added: "Good results have been achieved in the field of livestock and poultry flu vaccine."

"We plan to produce five or six human vaccines by the end of this government, and the investor in all of them is the private sector," he said.

Sattari added: "Private sector investment in the country's biotechnology sector is honorable."

He added: "The government should invest in research and take  the responsibility for trial and error, but the private sector must work to produce the product."

"Many government agencies have set up a science and technology park, which is very significant," said the vice president for science and technology.

Regarding the assassination of Martyr Fakhrizadeh, he added: "His martyrdom showed that our movement in science and technology is in the  right direction, and this martyrdom will double the motivation of our young scientists."

"These assassinations have not damaged our nuclear program," Sattari said.

He said that in the field of science and technology, we should create an active ecosystem and act in the areas of the country's authority in such a way that the place of Martyr Fakhrizadeh is filled, adding: "There is no possibility of slowing down the scientific process by assassinating people like this martyr."


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