US troops leave a military base in Iraq

The Deputy Commander of the US International Coalition Forces announced the gradual reduction of the number of American troops in Iraq and the delivery of the 'Basmayeh' military base to the Iraqi army in the upcoming days.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to the Almesalla news website, 'Kenneth Ackman', the deputy commander of the so-called US anti-ISIS coalition forces said on Thursday: "There is no longer any fear of the re-emergence of ISIS in Iraq, and the Iraqi army has become much stronger than ISIS."

"A number of military bases have been handed over to the Iraqi army," Ackman added. The Basmayeh training base near Baghdad will be handed over to Iraqi forces next Saturday.

The Deputy Commander of the so-called US anti-ISIS coalition forces also stated: "The number of US troops, who make up the bulk of coalition forces in Syria and Iraq, will be gradually reduced in close coordination with the Iraqi government."

On January 5, 2020, members of the Iraqi parliament approved a plan to expel US troops from Iraqi territory.  207/219

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