USA (IP): The US government says it will lift a freeze on some Iranian assets to secure the release of five American citizens imprisoned by Tehran via special account in Qatar.

Iran PressAmerica: US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said on Wednesday that the United States will free up 6 billion dollars held by Iran in South Korea.

He said the funds being sent from South Korea to a special account in Qatar.

The freeze was imposed as part of sanctions on Iran.

Miller said, "There are always tough choices involved in bringing home American citizens," but that the US government decided securing the return of the five is the top priority.

He also allegedly said the freed funds can be used only for humanitarian purposes such buying food and medicine.

The State Department confirmed Monday that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had signed off on waivers to allow the transfer of the money.

South Korea blocked the money in hopes of complying with US sanctions re-imposed by then president Donald Trump when he withdrew the nuclear accord with Iran.

President Joe Biden’s administration says the money can be used only for food, medicine and other humanitarian purchases.

There are allegedly strict conditions on how Tehran uses the money.

The Biden administration negotiated the agreement as it sought the release of five US citizens were jailed in Iran.

The five -- all considered Iranian nationals by Tehran, which rejects dual nationality -- were released to house arrest when the deal was announced last month and are expected to be allowed to fly out through Qatar once the funds transfer is complete in the coming days.

Iranian state media have said that five Iranians will also be freed by the United States.


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