Tehran-IP: Iran's Health Minister says the US introduces itself as a superman in the world but it has failed to control the growth rate of the corona infection in the country.

Iran PressIran news: During the nearly two and half year coronavirus pandemic, when the whole world is coping with the new virus, the US has the highest rate of infections while bragging itself as a superpower.

 Bahram Einollahi, Iranian Health Minister, said the enemies should be aware of their absolute failure to impose inhuman sanctions against Iran because Iranians always prove vital.

The minister stressed how the Iranian men and women had sacrificed their lives to save others.

Iran's Health Minister underlined: "Nobel Iranians stand strong and firm while being sanctioned and faced crippling economic conditions."

The Iranian minister of health remarks at the ceremony held on Monday evening to honor the contributors to Martyr Soleimani National Plan to fight Coronavirus.

So far, 60,146,546 people have received the first dose of the COVID vaccine, 52,725,535 have received the second dose, 10,675,339 have received the third dose, and the total number of vaccines injected in the country reached 123,547,420 doses.


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