Tehran (IP)- The US government denied visa issuance for Iranian Karate team members that are set to participate in world games in Alabama.

Iran Press/Iran news: Previously, the United States did not issue a visa to the head of the Iranian Wrestling Federation to enter the country under similar pretexts and false accusations, which caused the cancellation of the Iranian wrestling team's trip to the American competitions.

The US has rejected visa requests of the Iranian team on false accusations such as the connection between the members and heads of the Iran Karate Federation with "military institutions such as Basij and IRGC." 

The US State Department has refused to explain the reason for not issuing visas to the Iranian team, stressing the confidentiality of visa application files. However, some sources say that the Iran team visa has not been given due to opposition from some "anti-Iranian" lobbies inside the US. 

"The United States did not issue travel visas to various teams, including wrestling, which shows that the US government politicizing sports," Zabihullah Pourshib, the captain of Iran's national karate team, told the reporters. 


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US refuses issuance of visa for head of Iran's Wrestling Federation