US (IP) - The US government did not issue visas for the chairman of Iran's Wrestling Federation.

Iran Press/Iran news: On the formal invitation of the US, the Iranian and American free wrestling teams are supposed to have matches on February 13. Yet, the host refused to issue visas for two Iranian wrestlers, one coach, and the head of the wrestling federation,  Alireza Dabir. 

Referred to the problems caused by the US government for the Iranian wrestling squad, Alireza Dabir told the reporters on Tuesday the Iranian athletes are going to the country at the invitation of the American Federation of Wrestling. This issue must not be politicized. 

Dabir said: "If any of our wrestlers and technical staff do not receive a visa, our team will not participate in this competition; yet, we are ready to host the American team in Iran and we will treat them very friendly."

The free wrestling competitions have been announced for the Iranian and US wrestlers, with the tickets for watching the event being sold in advance. 


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