IP - Iran's anticipated retaliation for an Israeli attack on a Syrian consulate has heightened tensions in the region, with U.S. intelligence indicating an impending response involving drones and cruise missiles, CBS News reported.

Iran Press/ West Asia: According to U.S. officials, Iran's planned retaliation could target an Israeli diplomatic facility before the end of Ramadan next week, with uncertainty surrounding the launch location of the anticipated attack.

The strike by Israel on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, which resulted in the deaths of senior Iranian military figures, has prompted concerns of further escalation.

A public funeral in Tehran for the slain Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps members underscored Iran's determination to respond to Israeli aggression.

While Iran's overall commander Gen. Hossein Salami vowed repercussions, the specifics of the retaliation remain unclear.

Efforts by the Biden administration to dissuade Iran from targeting U.S. interests have been evident, with assurances of support for Israel's defense against Iranian threats, CBS reported.

The revelation of diplomatic messages between the U.S. and Iran, facilitated by the Swiss government due to the absence of direct diplomatic ties, underscores the complexity of managing tensions in the region.

With a significant U.S. military presence in Syria and Iraq, including an upcoming meeting between the Iraqi prime minister and U.S. officials on April 15, the situation remains fluid, with implications for regional stability.

Israeli warnings of retaliation in response to potential Iranian attacks highlight the precarious situation, raising concerns about the prospect of a broader regional conflict.

Meanwhile, diplomatic exchanges between the U.S. and Iran have surfaced, with Iran cautioning against U.S. involvement and the U.S. issuing warnings to refrain from targeting American personnel or facilities.


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