News sources, on Wednesday evening, announced that the US and UK launched a new series of air attacks on northern Yemen.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Yemeni network "Al-Masira" reported that the north of Saada province was attacked in this attack. However, Yemeni media have not published more details about this attack.

Abdul Malik Al-Ajri, a member of the political office of the Yemeni Ansarallah Movement, had previously warned that the escalation of tension and attacks against Yemenis people will never lead to a solution to the Red Sea crisis.

Al-Ajri added: "The escalation of the war will not prevent Yemen from giving up aid to Palestine."

Earlier, he referred to the attacks of the United States and Britain against Yemen and considered it in line with the support for the Zionist regime and declared that the United States has endangered the security of the Red Sea.

Al-Ajri stressed that only Israeli ships or ships bound for occupied territories are prohibited from passing, however, the US intends to extend the situation to all ships.

According to a member of Ansarallah's political office, the American attack on Yemen is the root of instability and a threat to international shipping as international companies have announced that they will not cross the Red Sea after the military actions of the United States.

Yemen's army has launched drones and missiles at shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden since November 19. It said the attacks were a response to Israel’s military operations in Gaza. 219

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