IP - On Tuesday a Swedish appeals court confirmed the conviction of a former Iranian judicial official handed a life sentence to him.

Iran PressEurope: Hamid Nouri is an Iranian citizen who has been illegally imprisoned by the Swedish government for 50 months over unfounded allegations. 

The Swedish court Svea Court of Appeal said in a statement it "affirmed the judgment... in significant parts" of 62-year-old Hamid Nouri, who in July 2022 was given a life sentence for alleged "grave breaches of international humanitarian law and murder."

Nouri and the Iranian foreign ministry have vehemently rejected the accusations leveled by the Swedish court against him, saying that the verdict was issued under the influence of the Iranian adversary terrorist groups, most notably the MKO-based in Europe who also act on behalf of some hostile regimes such as the Zionist Israeli regime. 

Last July, a Swedish court sentenced Nouri to life imprisonment. The court, which was described by Iran as illegitimate in the first place, convicted Nouri of "war crimes and crimes against humanity" entirely based on claims made by MKO terrorists living in exile across Europe.

He has been placed in solitary confinement since his illegal arrest.


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