Russia's representative at the Vienna talks said that the draft decision on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA) revival has been discussed collectively by all participants, including Russia and China."

Iran PressEurope: "Mikhail Ulyanov," Russia's representative in international organizations based in Vienna, denied the claims about Beijing and Moscow's rejection of the draft agreement in the Vienna talks to lift sanctions on Iran.

In response to a user's question on Twitter about whether Russia and China have rejected the European Union's draft of the Vienna Agreement, Ulyanov emphasized: "Of course, this is not true."

He explained on his Twitter page: "The European Union, as the coordinator of the negotiations, recently presented only a few useful amendments, which we fully support."

Ulyanov said, "Certainly, there is no unsolvable issue on the agenda. "Despite a few remaining differences, all negotiators have the opportunity to complete their tasks." 

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Some progress has been made in Vienna talks: Adviser to Iranian team

The new round of negotiations started on Thursday, August 13, in Vienna. For this purpose, Ali Bagheri, the chief negotiator of the Islamic Republic of Iran, arrived in Vienna on Thursday morning at the head of a delegation to participate in the new round of sanctions lifting negotiations and held consultations with the delegations of Russia, China, and the European Union in Vienna in the last two days.

Nasser Kanani, the spokesperson of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, while announcing the Iranian delegation's visit to Vienna to participate in these negotiations, said: "In this round of talks, which will be held as usual with the coordination of the European Union, regarding the ideas presented by On the side of the parties, including the ideas presented by the Islamic Republic of Iran, which were presented to the other side this week, there will be a discussion and exchange of views. »

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, re-emphasizing the determination of the Islamic Republic of Iran to reach a stable agreement that guarantees the rights and interests of the Iranian nation, expressed hope that the opposite parties will resolve the situation by taking the necessary decisions and seriously focusing on solving the remaining issues.

On Wednesday, Ali Bagheri tweeted about his trip to Vienna to participate in the new round of sanctions-lifting negotiations: "We are going to Vienna to advance the negotiations.The responsibility rests with those who violated the agreement and failed to distance themselves from the infamous legacy of the past."

The chief negotiator of the Islamic Republic of Iran noted: "America should appreciate the opportunity provided by the generosity of JCPOA members. The ball is in their court to show maturity and act responsibly."


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