Two border guard forces killed in terrorists attack in Sistan-Baluchistan

Zahedan (IP) - Two Iranian border guards were martyred in a terrorist attack in the Jackigour Border area in the southeast of the country.

Iran Press/ Iran News: The border guard forces of the Jackigour Border Regiment south of Sistan and Baluchistan, southeast of Iran, responded to the infiltration of armed terrorists into Iranian territory. The terrorists had crossed the border into Iran from their base in Pakistan.

According to an Iran Press report, the Iranian border guards immediately engaged the terrorists with heavy fire. The terrorists were forced to retreat and flee to Pakistan when a number of them were injured in an exchange of fire with the border guards.

In recent years, some armed mercenary terrorist groups and criminal gangs, use Pakistani territories to launch terror attacks into neighboring Iran. These terror attacks have resulted in both civilians and border guards being martyred in Sistan-Baluchistan province. After carrying out the attacks, the terrorists usually flee into neighboring Pakistan. 212/211/ 207

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