KT McFarland, former US deputy national security adviser, revealed that Donald Trump wanted to assassinate Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Iran Press/America: Donald Trump had to be talked down from ordering the assassination of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, according to the former adviser.

McFarland said that weeks after Trump took office in 2017, the former president insisted that he would take out al-Assad after seeing pictures of an alleged Sarin gas attack on Syrian civilians.

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The adviser made the revelation during an interview for the new BBC docuseries "Trump Takes on the World."

"I said, ‘Well Mr. President, you can’t do that,’" said McFarland. "He said ‘why?’ And I said ‘well, that’s an act of war.’"

She added: "Trump glares at me, folding his hands in this serious Donald Trump way. I knew what he wanted to do was somehow punish Assad, and not let him get away with this."

McFarland was ousted from her role only a few months later amid concerns about her partisanship, the New York Times reported. She is now a Fox News commentator.

The BBC episode, which airs next week, reveals other insider details about the Trump administration’s foreign policy decisions.


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