Trump doesn’t give 40,000 Ventilators New York need

Washington (IP) - US President said he gave the Governor of New York only a small fraction of the “40 thousand Ventilators” he had requested from the government to address the need of coronavirus patients in the coronavirus-stricken state.

Iran PressAmerica: Donald Trump addressed the Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo in his latest tweet on Friday, saying: “Cuomo ridiculously wanted “40 thousand Ventilators”. We gave him a small fraction of that number, and it was plenty. The state should have had them in stockpile!”

New York is the epicenter of the US outbreak with more than 223,000 positive cases of the illness and more than 14,800 deaths.

The US has the most COVID-19 cases of any country with more than 690,000 and the most fatalities with at least 35,000, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University. 

The global case tally for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has climbed to 2.2 million. The death toll rose to more than 150,000. 


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