Tehran (IP): Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi on Monday in his weekly press conference in Tehran noted that the only possible solution to the Palestinian problem is for all Palestinians to take part in a referendum to determine their own future in a democratic process.

Iran Press/Iran News: Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi in his press conference on Monday added: "The deal of the century is one of the most disgraceful American peace initiatives put forward over the years, since it completely ignores the basic rights of the Palestinian people, which, in Iran's view, is imposing peace and selling Palestinian land and forgetting the cause of the Islamic world.

"Iranian government and nation will be with the oppressed Palestinian nation and state until the liberation of Al-Quds, and we underline the solution that Iran has offered as a possible solution to the 70-year-old impasse imposed on the region," Iran FM Spox said.

He said that the so-called 'Deal of the Century' will lead to the sale of Palestinian land.

"For the Iranian people, the deal of the century is an imposed peace and sale of Palestinian land." This is a project of oblivion of the Palestinian cause, and the Iranian government will be on the Palestinian side until the liberation of al-Quds.

Referring to some Muslim countries stances on the Palestine Issue he said, "I am sorry that some Islamic countries confuse their friend and foe, and hopefully, with what has happened they will find out who their friend is and their only enemy is the existence of the Israel regime."

Mousavi referring to the chief of the European Union's foreign affairs, Joseph Borrel's visit to Tehran, said: "Josep Borrell will meet the president, foreign minister, and parliament speaker to talk about the joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), nuclear deal and Iran-EU relations, as well as recent regional and international developments. 

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"Europeans have not yet activated the trigger mechanism," Mousavi remarked on Borrell's trip to Tehran, noting that Zarif recently wrote a 14-page legal and reasoned letter to Borrell, questioning their justifications and challenged. Shuttle diplomacy is not against some of the EU positions, and we welcome these meetings. We consider his trip important, and we hope that in his talks with Iran, he pays attention to the root of the new situation and hear Iran's arguments and take serious action to reduce tensions if there is goodwill on their side.

He also said today's talks with Borrell would be frank, stating, "We have deep annoyances with Europe that followed US' path after the withdrawal of the JCPOA and have shown by their inaction or they cannot do anything or lack the will and ability to do so, and succumbed to the American pressures.

Mousavi also referred to Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif's intention to attend and speak at the Munich Security Conference, If the other parties do not make obstruction like previous UN attendance.

"Our situation with the US is not in the state of meditation," Mousavi said of India's readiness to mediate between the United States and Iran and highlighted the United States has an elusive and hostile approach to Iran.


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