Al-Qassam Brigades announced that in response to the continuation of Zionist crimes in Gaza and the killing of children, it has carried out a new wave of missile attacks on Tel Aviv.

Iran PressWest Asia: Early Sunday morning, the Zionist media announced the sounding of warning sirens of the risk of a missile attack in large areas of the center of occupied Palestine, Tel Aviv and its surroundings.

Zionist sources reported that the resistance forces fired at least 100 rockets and missiles at Tel Aviv and its suburbs in the new round of missile operations, and the residents of these areas should go to shelters as soon as possible.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement, on Sunday, released a video of the moment when a large number of rockets were fired at the Zionists, emphasizing the continuation of the resistance until the end of the aggression of the occupiers in the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist sources also published pictures from Tel Aviv that show that an Iron Dome missile, while being unable to be intercepted, made a mistake and hit the houses of the Zionists in the " Gush Dan neighborhood.

Earlier, Head of the detainees, wounded, and martyrs' files in the Hamas movement warned the Zionist regime that if the attack on Gaza continues, there will be no exchange of prisoners.

"Ashraf al-Qadara", the spokesman of the Gaza Ministry of Health, stated on Saturday night that since the resumption of aggression against Gaza, 193 Palestinians have been killed and 600 others have been injured, thus bringing the total death toll of Palestinians to over 15,000. 219

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