Tehran-IP: The cultural week to commemorate great Iranian poet, 'Hafez' Shirazi was held on Oct.7, 2023.

Iran PressIran News:  Hafez, the great Iranian poet who was living in Shiraz, southern Iranian province of Fars, in the 14th century. His tomb is visited often. Adaptations, imitations, and translations of Hafez's poems exist in all major languages.

Iranian, prominent foreign, literary figures, and experts in Hafez studies attended the commemoration service.

Attending the event, Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman and top diplomat applauded Hafez's character and said His poems are famous and popular among not only Iranians but many other countries.

Nasser Kanaani noted that Hafez's poems are all elusive, understandable, and vicariously pleasure to ears.

Also, for his partTajik Ambassador to Tehran said that Hafez and his poems are Iran's identity.

Nezamodin Zahedi further stated that Hafez's poems are warmly received by Tajiks, as they believe his poems are driven by the holy Quran.


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