Mahsa Amini death:

IRAN (IP)- While many Iranian people were saddened by the death of Mahsa Amini and are waiting for the results of the forensic investigation, some protest rallies were held in some cities, including Tehran, and damages were caused to public property.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Tehran Police Information Center announced on Thursday, September 15th, following the publication of notice about a young lady becoming unwell after being transferred to a police headquarters, that Ms. Mahsa Amini, who was assigned to one of Tehran's police departments for explanation and training, had a heart problem, which was immediately transferred to the hospital with the cooperation of the police and emergency services, but unfortunately she died.

After this tragic incident, Ebrahim Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, ordered Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi to investigate the cause and details of the issue with urgency and particular attention and report the result.

The President of Iran called "Mahsa Amini" his daughter and demanded to investigate all aspects of this issue.

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The head of Iran's Judiciary also assured the "Mahsa Amini" family that the results of the investigations would be announced without any consideration after obtaining the laboratory results.

Ali Salehi, the prosecutor of Tehran, announced the formation of a special working group to investigate its medical aspects.

Also, "Mohammed Baqer Ghalibaf," the Speaker of the Parliament of Iran, assigned the commission of Internal affairs and Councils to investigate the dimensions of the death of "Mahsa Amini."

In a situation where all the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have demanded a full investigation into the death of "Mahsa Amini," but according to a defined procedure, with the incitement of foreign media and the entry of organized elements, rallies started in some cities of Iran.

In Mashhad, a police officer was set on fire by suspicious people, while some other protesting people immediately tried to put out his burning clothes.

In the city of Rasht, in the north of Iran, some rioters set fire to a mosque, which has nothing to do with the culture of the Iranian people and tells about the entry of organized elements into these gatherings.

Also, a tomb belonging to the offspring of an imam in Hamedan was attacked with fire.

In several areas, several policemen were beaten by rioters, and some of them were in bad condition.

Insulting the Iranian flag, attacking and destroying ambulances, and assaulting veiled women are some of the other issues that indicate these movements are not people-centered and unrelated to mourning for Mahsa Amini.

Some people who were present in areas of Tehran declare that some groups in these gatherings act in coordination with targeted and extensive destruction in an organized manner, and sometimes they use methods in street battles that have little precedent telling about coordination and pre-planned training.

In the media coverage and incitement to riots and anti-Iranian actions, the Saudi-sponsored Iran International and BBC Persian, affiliated with the British government, are playing their roles as before.

Some channels affiliated with the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) also broadcast videos of arson and beatings of the police and veiled people and incited the people in the gatherings to spread these issues.


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